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FMS12 not available in Local or Favorite Hosts

Question asked by DamonCasey on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by DamonCasey

I've installed FMS12.0v4 on Windows 7 Professional and none of the FMP12 clients can access the FMServer_Sample database.


All clients are on the same subnet and I've checked the network settings are the same on each computer.


One client is on Windows XP and can't see the server in Local Hosts and adding the server to Favorite Hosts doesn't display the database either.


Two other clients are on Windows 7 and they do see the server in Local Hosts but the FMServer_Sample database doesn't appear.


I'm not used to the firewall on Windows 7 Professional, it seems much more basic than Windows Server so I've added fmsadmin, the scripting engine, fmserver to the firewall and allowed them on the Private network. I've had to add applications rather than specifying ports to open the way I would on Windows Server.


I've installed FMP on the server computer and it sees both the server and the sample database in Local Hosts.


I've also tried replacing the server.pem file with the file from the FMP installation on the server computer and the problem persists.


Am I doing something wrong with the firewall on the server computer? Or is there some network settings I should be looking at on the clients? I'm not sure where to look next.