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    Theme background images


      I'm changing the colors of one of the themes to match a client's scheme. Anyone know how to access the default background images to edit the color?






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          The background image may be just that "image". You can select any of the parts (header, body, footer, etc.) and then use the Inspector to view what fills, lines or other values are set. If it's a fill with an image, you can change the image (note the placement of the border guide lines if any). You cannot directly edit the existing image, but you can insert another to match your scheme.


          See other threads for custom themes ideas in making the layout(s) more efficient. Also you may want to create a "template" layout with the all the parts that might be needed to for your own theme. Then duplicate the layout (or apply your custom theme) for use throughout the solution. Yes, it's work, but well worth it in the end.



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            On OS X find the FileMaker 13 application, do view package contents. The path for default themes is then:




            Mucking about with this stuff can break a lot of stuff, I would suggest you simply find the image you want and dont change anything anywhere within the package. You can stick your own themes into the structure and they work but also you can totally break a theme if you muck with the CSS directly. On the otherhand if you dont break it you aint being geeky.........


            These are the default themes BTW. Once you have embedded a theme within a file I have no idea on how to tinker with it.

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              /Applications/FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced/FileMaker Pro Advanced.app/Contents/Resources/Themes/_THEMENAME_/images


              usually the backgrounds are called "default.png" or something like that.


              You have to right click on the FM application and choose "show package contents" to get to the folders inside the .app file.


              Also, of course, AT YOUR OWN RISK! I'd highly recommend backing up the entire folder. Also, if you change the default image, you must copy the change to all machines accessing the database, else they will use whatever default.png file they have on their machine.


              I'd copy the image out, and re-apply it/slice it with the "choose" button in your screenshot.

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                Man, we all chimed in at the same time on this one

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                  Love the way your disclaimer reads the same as mine!

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                    Yeah, I learned to play around with themes when 12 came out. Richard Carlton had a good video on where to find the files, but also the same disclaimer.


                    I ended up never using the hacks, because of the machine specific limitation. And with all the new theme features in 13, there's not really a need since you can create and save your own themes that are stored with the file.

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                      Its a shame the CSS isn't exposed to developers in a safe environment. Tweaking the CSS directly is way quicker than using layout mode to change a theme.


                      Totally with you on the no use of hacked themes in a produciton environment.

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                        You need to add:


                        Tweaking the CSS directly is way quicker than using layout mode to change a theme for people with web dev experience.


                        Not everyone is adept at CSS, and there are plenty of nuances between web development and FM CSS. I'm pretty happy with the FM13 updates that at least allows you to save/update pseudo-classes in themes that you can easily repeat/apply.

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                          +1 on the DISCLAIMER! I described how to replace the existing image(s) in the part(s). I do not recommend changing the image file unless through the method I described (insert a new one and create custom theme). Again, you cannot directly edit the image through the Inspector, only upload a new one. You should never change the image if found in the resources for the application (that could certainly be hazardous, as well as "engineering" an existing application - legally and otherwise so wrong!!)



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                            Thanks for the responses. My goal here is to just get a copy of the image that has the borders in place, change the color and reselect it. I think that getting to the defaults should give me the access I need.


                            And, yeah, I don't mess with the defaults.