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    filemaker & carplay




      i am a newbie...


      i wonder how implementing filemaker dbs&apps will be handled!?


      any ideas?


      thank you very much



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          Not sure what your question is.


          Are you referring to using FMGo via the new carplay system that apple has developed?

          FileMaker has not announced any plan to integrate FMGo with this iOS feature. And I highly doubt that they will, as I see absolutely no reason you should try to be using a database application while driving. What were you envisioning?


          FMGo itself should be compatible with any native iOS functions, (IE "Siri - launch filemaker go 13 for iphone" ), which may carry over into compatibility with carplay.

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            Hello Mike


            Thank you for replying.


            I am envisioning multiple ideas e.g. a cab(taxi)-accounting and management system, car-pool/share management -not with a ferrari ;-) - traffic assisting system (locally)... these are all server based services...


            also i am thinking of an API to the Original in car systems...


            also some special ideas in mind...


            How about you?


            Are you inspired?!


            Many greets from Austria.



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              As someone who is regularly angry for seeing other "distracted" drivers on their phones here in the USA, I'm not very inspired by this.


              Good to hear your ideas though, those are pretty valid, although I think a lot of them would still be fairly reliant on touchscreen activity.

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                Of course you make a solution specially for CarPlay. Functionality adapted to a driving person.


                BTW: The person next to the driver can also play with CarPlay...


                "Distracted drivers"... I think they do that themselves, it's cannot be my database.

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                  LOL. Eating in the car can be distracting to drivers. Children in the car can be distracting to drivers. The talking/texting and other such actions causing the eyes and ears to leave the main focus (driving) are what cause the problems. Carplay for passengers only, IMHO!!



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                    I see absolutely no reason you should try to be using a database application while driving.


                    We have a solution which is used by drivers. It uses maps and directions, and it would be great to incorporate voice interaction.



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                      I meant for the purposes of data entry or query while in motion.


                      I'd certainly hope your drivers don't place themselves in a legal situation by rear ending a car while filling out a form.

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                        filling out a form...

                        if the police use fm + cp...why not!   ;-)



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                          Too true, my pet hate is GPS units mounted on the windscreen, not only distracting drivers, but blocking vision.

                          That, as well as people who hang things from the rear vision mirror - worst I've seen is CDs... blind the other drivers and block your own vision!


                          I would say that this product would be restricted and limited by Apple to the Nth degree, why? Purely to cover their own legal butts... any app that would distract drivers would land Apple in big trouble. They need to tread very carefully with this product. I wish Apple well on this.. but I wish even more that they release it for retro fitting into other vehicles... ;-)

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                            Mike Duncan

                            If carplay allows apps to run in your car, and FM Go is a way to develop apps (of sorts) then it makes perfect sense. I wouldn't be too hasty to dismiss it as simply a driver distraction, you could instead think of ways to utilize this tool.


                            Perhaps an app that, once launched, runs a timed script that logs a record using the location funtionality to track usage every so many minutes.


                            There are plenty of valid applications for this.

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                              Because the police aren't doing their paperwork while pursuing a suspect.


                              Being in park and working is one thing. Being in drive and working is another.

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                                As long as the FM Go solution integrates a web viewer with maps, I guess we're OK.  Since California's 5th District Court of Appeals ruled last week that reading a map on a mobile device while driving does not violate the state's ban on hand-held devices, it seems that suddenly everyone is just "checking their map," or so discovered San Francisco's own Stanley Roberts.



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                                  Hello Mike


                                  I am refering to Bavarian (close to Salzburg, where I live) police cars... they use (also undercover) BMWs and usually work  as 2 men units. So if they use CarPlay with an" iwhatever" for accessing different databases through filemaker-go interface and are able to do basic reporting tasks (maybe we need a sort of qwerty...)...


                                  but maybe that`s kind of science fiction...


                                  I personally would appreciate it if all sort of "Amtshandlung" is well documented and "stored" in a remote system for relevant people (lawyers etc.) to be accessed when necessary.


                                  I wish a "Big Brother" that is tranparent when in doubt.

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