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Where can I download FileMaker 13?

Question asked by pthomas on Mar 6, 2014
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I am trying to find a link to download FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 and Server 13.


The company I work for has been on an Annual Site Licence plan for many years: FileMaker Annual Site License Agreement Tier 2 Renewal (100 seats), so I believe we are entitled to upgrade to 13 anytime we want? (I currently don't manage the licence agreement so I don't have all of the details).


But when I look at the download page: I can only see links for FM12 and a trial version of FM Pro 13.


Am I missing something?


With the changes to the licence structure in 13 do we actually need to sign up for a new licence before we can use 13? And if that is the case, will signing up for a new licence still allow us to continue to use FM12?


Any help would be appreciated!