Mavericks Enhanced Dictation Crash

Discussion created by ericjungemann on Mar 5, 2014

In our veterinary product (VetFM) we have noticed occasional crashes during our demos of the product.

In the demo, we use a lot of technology . . . up to date FileMaker 12 or 13 and up to date Mavericks plus:




FileMaker Pro 12 (or 13)




External Monitor

USB peripherals

Mavericks Enhanced Dictation


During the demo, there is a part where we take an appointment from our scheduler (all generic FileMaker Pro 12/13 with no crashing in the field . . . hundreds of sites) and we create a patient visit with collections of inventory and services populated in groups (we call them sets) that have a lot of fields being populated with the characteristics of the inventory/service items. This is done automatically with scripts. In other words, VetFM (hence FileMaker) is very busy.


We started getting crashes of FileMaker (never good in a demo). Always getting a Kernel_Protection_Failure at at very low memory area (like 0x0000000000000014 . . . the memory area varies slightly).


So, over several days we started to pare away the pieces of the demo, eliminating pieces of technology and following a number of red herrings until we could make it repeatable time after time without most of the possible contaminants eliminated.


It turns out, regardless of which version of our software, or which Mac we do it on, the crash only occurs when we use Mavericks Enhanced Dictation (the version of dictation that is locally downloaded). If we use enhanced dictation in the beginning of the sequence (a text field on the appointment itself) a crash occurs of the type mentioned above. It DOES NOT OCCUR with the regular (internet-based) Mavericks Mac dictation.


So, Mavericks only (not Mountain Lion), regardless of Mac . . . at least 8GB in various Airs, iMacs, FileMaker Pro 13 or 12, but only with Mavericks Enhanced Dictation actually being used in a field in our appointment. No crash even with Enhanced dictation in place but not used (just typed text). Again, typing, cutting/pasting or regular Mavericks dictation doesn't do it. In this case, we are declaring FileMaker a victim rather than a culprit.


So, we're happy. We lost a couple of staff days but we know what not to do. Posted just in case it helps someone else. Isn't it always bad when a demo-crash occurs? Simple fix . . . turn off enhanced dictation. That limits the dictated snippet to 30 seconds and requires an internet connection but it is actually faster anyway in our environment.


Eric Jungemann

General Partner

InfoMatrix, LLC (Home of VetFM)