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Question asked by leeanne on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by beverly

I don't even know where to start. I don't speak "computerease". I am a Security Supervisor at a major health system who loves ios devices, so I got tapped to replace our antiquated pocket pc based devices with ios devices. Everything I know is self-taught. I've been playing around in Filemaker Pro and with Filemaker Go to create a database to capture our patrol officers' self-initiated field activity. So far, I have a pretty good handle on that and have managed to create a functional option. I now need to test this option with a few officers to get their feedback and see whether my creation is a feasible replacement. Currently where I am stuck is explaining to my IT people that I need somewhere for the database file to be hosted, so that I can complete testing on > 5 devices and gather enough data to convince the "powers that be" to fund this project. I have to run a test before the department will part with the funds to go live with filemaker pro server, server space, mdm, and the physical devices. Please bear with me because I'm not exactly sure what information to give to assist you in providing your expert advice. Ideally I would like to host the database on our shared drive for testing. I got the IT folks to create a folder in the shared drive for the database, but I think the problem I am running into is how to tell filemaker go to get to that location. We use Novell Services, so I guess my first question would be is if Novell Services is compatible with what I want to do. If it is compatible, how would I explain to my IT folks what I need to be done. It seems that everyone shuts down the minute you mention ios devices. Again I apologize for my lack of understanding of even the basics and appreciate any help you can provide.