FileMaker 13 is giving me problems since I turned on Webdirect

Discussion created by user18988 on Mar 7, 2014
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I have several files being served by FileMaker Server 13. FileMaker Server 13 is running on a Mac Mini 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 GB of RAM and plenty HD using Mac OS 10.9.2. Until a few days ago, before i turned on and shared a file in WebDirect, my files and schedules worked fine. One of those schedules is used very early in the morning to force the records to recalculate using the "Today's date" so the records are ready to be found by the reports we generate, without causing much delays. Since i turned on Webdirect, that schedule is not working. When i open the databases they start recalculating.


But during the past two days the databases doesn't even open. I check the server and is NOT SHARING anything. I try to open the FMS 13 Admin Console and it doesn't find the server. I need to restart the computer and wait a few minutes to be able to open the console. The logs ("And i hate to have to check mark everything, everytime I want to see the same logs") doesn't show anything wrong. But it doesn't show that the services started either until the restart.


This server does shut down by the energy saver schedules at 11 PM and starts at around 4 AM. I know the auto start for FileMaker server is working because when i manually restart the computer it starts ok. But not after the cold start in the morning. I know that during the past days there was a major update of the system and i haven't checked for bad disk Permissions. But it is really bothering me to the point of thinking of turning Webdirect off.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance guys.