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    FMP13 conversion to FMP11?


      I have developed a solution for a client in FMP13. I found that they are currently using FMP11, and will not spend the $$ to update (over 50 seats). Is there any way to convert a database created in FMP 13 to work with FMP11?

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          Nope. You'll either need to upgrade the client, or rebuild it in an 11 environment. Software updating is important as 11 is reaching the end of the support lifecycle, and the file format change is significant for the long term use of FileMaker. I would say you should have the client talk to a FileMaker licensing rep, they may be able to get an AVLA or other agreement for cheaper than they are anticipating. 50 users is a significant system, and they should appreciate the investment that an update represents for their (important) software.


          FileMaker Pro Advanced may allow you to copy and paste certain objects and scripts back and forth between 13/11, but you'll be doing a lot of work from scratch.

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            Stephen Huston

            And keep in mind that server seats for webDirect connections could end up being less costly than new or upgraded FMP11 seats, while allowing them to use the newer features and stay up-to-date.

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