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Filemaker Noob Looking for direction on FM web publishing project.

Question asked by samtoll on Mar 7, 2014

Greetings all,


I am a self taught FM user who "back in the day" ran a printing company that used FM5.5 to run the entire company. I have not used FM regularly since then (<10 years ago) and I had three employees who were hotshots in FM, so I can stumble around but will have to hire out any heavy lifting that I can't get done myself.


Here is my scenario:


I have a database of about 2500 Car Show events that includes 12 simple fields and two containers for the PDF/JPG/PNG of the event flyer and registration form.


I am going to send an email to tens of thousands of people letting them know about the car shows in their area. This email would contain a single line of text listing of each shows location with the date, City, Name of show and a click here for more info button/text that launches the browser to a page on the internet that displays the information on the car show in a static manner. The only user interaction is to click on the container and print the PDF/JPG/PNG of the event flyer and registration form.


What I need is the best (easy to set up and maintain, cheap and functional) way to deploy the web data and an automated way of getting the url of the individual page in the email so the user can click on it to get to the page in a browser. Once the data is input there is rarely any time that the record would be updated and need to be reposted.


Some folks have suggested using Wordpress/FM plugin to post the show info to a well organized "monster blog post", others suggest using the static web publishing feature.


Can anyone recommend a workflow that would be the most reliable/efficient and inexpensive that an "intermediate" fm user might deploy and where to look for more info to do it myself?


Thanks in advance.


Sam Toll