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    Filemaker 12 and Novell


      Hi Everyone,


      For testing purposes, I would like to host my database in a shared drive that resides in a Novell environment. Can someone explain if this is possible, and if so, how would I name the host to direct filemaker go to where the files are located. I am a self-taught end user and not an IT person. This is a health system environment.





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          before considering hosting your file on the novell drive (which is possible, as long as your FileMaker server can see the drive through the network), you will need to make sure that those files are exempt from any of the backup process for that drive in novell. Backing up a live file outside of filemaker is a fantastic way to corrupt your database file and data.


          If you can arrange that, then you can change the destination easily:



          Page 65 of the above shows you how to do it. It's in the folders tab in the admin console under database server settings.

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            leeanne wrote:


            I would like to host my database in a shared drive


            In short: DO NOT DO IT.


            Live FM files should never be on a hosted volume, or any sort of networked volume (NAS,...)

            The only process that should touch live files is FMS so there is no upside to putting it somewhere where other processes can touch it.

            It is the #1 cause for corrupted files