FileMaker Pro 11 with Terminalserver (Aquaconnect): Plug-ins don't load

Discussion created by Flieger_FREDV on Mar 10, 2014
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Dear colleages,


we supervise a solution that is hosted by FileMaker Server 11.

Most of the users access the database with their locally installed FileMaker Pro clients, some shall access it via terminal server.


As TS, Aquaconnect is installed on a Mac Pro Server (8 Cores, 24 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.8).

A volume license of FileMaker Pro 11 is installed.


The first user opening the database on the TS has no problems.

When the second user starts FileMaker Pro via TS, no plug-in is loaded, neither FileMaker's own (e.g. AutoUpdate) nor third party plug-ins. And that causes trouble; the solution uses the plug-ins Troi Dialog and Troi File.


Any help and suggestions very welcome! :-)


best regards

Florian Rieger

Hamburg, Germany