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    FileMaker Pro 11 with Terminalserver (Aquaconnect): Plug-ins don't load


      Dear colleages,


      we supervise a solution that is hosted by FileMaker Server 11.

      Most of the users access the database with their locally installed FileMaker Pro clients, some shall access it via terminal server.


      As TS, Aquaconnect is installed on a Mac Pro Server (8 Cores, 24 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.8).

      A volume license of FileMaker Pro 11 is installed.


      The first user opening the database on the TS has no problems.

      When the second user starts FileMaker Pro via TS, no plug-in is loaded, neither FileMaker's own (e.g. AutoUpdate) nor third party plug-ins. And that causes trouble; the solution uses the plug-ins Troi Dialog and Troi File.


      Any help and suggestions very welcome! :-)


      best regards

      Florian Rieger

      Hamburg, Germany

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          Hi Florien,


          I have a client with that started with the same setup.  He is now on Version 12.  We initially installed the plugins in the Applications/FileMaker Pro/Extensions folder and they are still there.   However in the users Library folder there is a FileMaker folder with an Extensions folder and the plugins are there as well.  Easy way to get to this folder is open a Finder window, click the Go menu Go to Folder item and enter ~/Library


          I thought the Library folder was created automaticly when the user was created and that the plugins ended up there when FileMaker was started the first time by the user.  I could be wrong about this last part,  It is possible the admin copied them there when he set up the user accounts.




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            Hi Bruce,


            Thanks for your answer.

            We have already put the plug-ins inside /User/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions/ but that didn't help.

            But maybe we were working a bit roughly at this point of nervous breakdown. ;-) I don't exactly recall if there wasn't any FileMaker user on the terminal server right then and we didn't restart the computer.

            And I wonder why it works with the first user that opens FileMaker on the terminal server...


            Can someone confirm that plug-ins have to be inside /User/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions/ when running a terminal server?

            I couldn't find any documentation regarding this.


            best regards


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              HI Florian,


              I can say yes or no to the should part of the question.  I can say that they are in the Applications/FileMaker Pro/Extensions folder on the Aquaconnect server I work with. 


              I think under 11 this was the usual place for them.  I believe that in 12 and going forward that they end up in the ~/Library folder.


              I would put them there.  You may want to reboot the box.  Then give it a try.