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Evaluate with Quote/escaping characters confusion ...

Question asked by on Mar 10, 2014
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Hello all - I'm still a relative newby to FM12 and I'm having a problem grasping this basic calculation issue.


This formula ...

Evaluate ( Quote ( "2 * 5" ) )

... returns 2 * 5

Now as far as I know, the Quote function wraps any parameter passed to it in quotes, but escapes any quotes in between, and I kind of proved this by substituting what I think the Quote does in the formula above by running ...

Evaluate ( ""2 * 5"" )

... which also returns 2 * 5 as I expected


However, from my understanding the escape character removes both itself and the character that immediately follows it from whatever is being evaluated.

Given this, then, I ran this formula without the escape characters or the quotes that directly follow them ...

Evaluate ( "2 * 5" )

... but this returns 10, (which I know is the expected answer!)


Could someone help me out by perhaps explaining how the escaping works (i.e. the how Quote mechanism works in this instance)?


Many thanks in advance,