FM Go Not Closing Hosted File

Discussion created by fmdataweb on Mar 10, 2014
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I have a FileMaker Go solution that runs locally on the iOS device and is working well so far. It needs to, on demand, check for some updated content.


The script in question does the following:


- connects to hosted database

- checks for the existence of a record with a matching value

- if it can't find it returns error and closes file on device; otherwise continues on


I'm using the Close File [hostedFileName] script step at the end of this process but I've noticed when viewing the FileMaker Server Admin Console that the user remains connected when the script has finished, even though I've used the Close File script step to explicitly close the file. I don't want to leave this file connected as:


1. there's no need to remain connected any longer; and

2. they might be on 3G (non wi-fi) connection and I don't want them incurring any unnecessary data charges


Anyone know how I can force the hosted file to close when I'm finished with it?