Execute SQL (The Script Step) ODBC Workaround in a Large Deployment

Discussion created by james_ludwig on Mar 10, 2014
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Greetings everyone!


I've seen a number of posts now about how wonderful it would be if "Execute SQL" used the server's ESS ODBC setup, but none specifically about complete workarounds, so I thought I'd get the conversation rolling. Please feel free to comment/correct/question.


I'm perfectly willing to do the work for scripting the creation/deletion/updating process so that the user just works with the FM system like they always have and our SQL based accounting system receives all the information it needs. I expected to put in the long hours for that kind of functionality. Being able to make this kind of "magic" is one of the reasons I love FileMaker so much. I was not expecting to give all my users a direct access point to our accounting system, exposing it to Excel data mining and such, which it seems FM is directing me to do. I keep expecting to find I'm missing some easy option, because it seems so odd that FM can find and use the SQL data source for any user up until I use one specific script step.


I've managed to avoid using plug-ins so far, and would prefer to keep it up. I'm certain they are safe and stable; my avoidance comes from attempting to limit possible points of failure and/or complication. That being said, it woud be preferable over the security risk of providing data connections for everyone. I could set up a "robot" system with the data connection that checks for triggers to make the records, but that goes back to adding a major point of possible failure.


Anyone out there already come up with a brilliant solution to get around the issue?


Looking forward to responses,

James Ludwig