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    My Development server has stopped working


      All of a sudden my development server has stopped working.


      Yesterday morning I got these warnings:


      Error - Admin Server process is not responding (This one showed up multiple times.)

      Warning - Administrator "fmsadmin" no longer responding; connection closed. (

      Warning - Unable to communicate with progressive backup process. Try using the 'fmsadmin restart fmsib' command to restart the process. (I did that that command, but it didn't change anything.)



      I had not changed anything on that server recently.


      It is a Mac mini running OS X 10.9.2 and running the Developer version of FM Server.


      Fortunately, this is my development server, or I'd really be upset.


      I can not access filea through FileMaker Pro or Web Direct. The really strange thing is that the Server Admin Console says that all of my files have a STATUS of NORMAL.


      I tried resintalling the FM Server software, but that did not solve the problem.



      I have another Mac mini that is running almost exactly the same configuration, except that one has a full version of FileMaker Server. It is running fine.


      I'm about ready to erase that development server and start from scratch. Not my preference, but I will do what I have to do.