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    Software purchase


      Can I, has a developer. Buy multiple software under my business name and re-sell them to my customers. Most of them do not want to deal with purchasing, updates, installing ......

      Anyone knows ???

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          Yes, depending on what FileMaker solutions you are selling ( vertical market or custom built per-client ), there are numerous options available to you.


          The FBA process basically means you buy licenses on behalf of your customer, directly from filemaker (using their credit card, not yours).


          There is also the SBA program, which allows you to buy licenses to "bundle" with your solution for resale.





          I would get in contact with filemaker directly to discuss your needs.

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            Just a quick addition:




            You can also buy the licenses from FileMaker with the FBA discount using YOUR credit card, and then sell them to your customer at list price (they pay you). You make a small mark-up to cover your investment of time.






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              Sure, you can. My recommendation is to not do so.


              I took that route for a few years and it didn't work out. The profit margins aren't worthwhile for the time needed to consult on purchases, track license keys, and bill for upgrades (or maintenance). Also, clients view their development costs as more expensive because they're paying you for the FileMaker app.


              My suggestion is to have the license in their name and their credit card for the actual software, but bill them for your time doing installs and upgrades.