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    Can a hosted file "see" a file on the device?


      This might be a dumb question, just trying to get my head around whether this is possible or not.


      Due to issues mentioned in previous post of not being able to close a hosted file that is opened via a script in a local file on the iOS device, I would now like to try the following:


      1. open hosted file via Open URL script step

      2. call a script in there that runs and, if required, updates records/fields in the local file on the device


      I'm just not sure what the file reference would look like - this hosted file would be accessed by multiple different users on their own iPhones/iPads so just wanted to check if it was possible to have a hosted file update data in a local file on the device?




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          No, it is not possible.


          If the iOS file contains elements of the hosted file in its schema (graph), the hosted file will not close, once those elements are invoked, until the iOS file is itself closed. I


          f that is an issue, you will need to use a second iOS file, with no connection to the host, to handle any work you want to do without the host file open. That structure will require moving data back and forth between the two iOS files, and maintaining tight control over that data movement.


          John Weinshel