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Developer Utilities Files and Date Created

Question asked by fmdataweb on Mar 11, 2014

I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.01 to create some Kiosk mode files. I have it set to overwrite files in the selected Project folder each time I create the same files (have created a settings file that I load each time).


I've just noticed that if I create a brand new file using the Developer Utilities and there is no existing files in the Project Folder it will create the new file successfully (say at 6pm) with a Date Created of 6pm. If I then create a new set 30 minutes later, say at 6.30pm and overwrite the previous file the new file will still have a date created of 6pm and date modified of 6.30pm. It's as though it's not completely overwriting the previous file with a brand new file.


I'm using Mac OS X 10.9.2 - not sure if I should be worried about this or if this is normal behavour when you are overwriting files with the same name in the same project folder?