Help on using Get(FoundRecords)

Discussion created by mcampa0902 on Mar 11, 2014
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I´m making a script to move records from two sets of tables (customers and suppliers) to convert Customers into Suppliers.

This script involves importing records from three tables in one set to thier equivalent in the other set.

Tables are: Customers, Custormers Addresses and Customers Contacts and they must be imported in that order.

My script works well, but what I´m now trying to do is that after importing the customer data to the supplier table the script halts if there are no addresses in the original customer addresses table.

What I´m doing is incluiding a conditional step after performing the find for customer addresses, so it halts the script if no records were found. But it is not working.


My syntax might be wrong.


My script reads like this (only showing the section not working):




Perform Find ()

If (Get (FoundCount)=0)

Go to Layout (Suppliers)

Commit Records/Requests [No Dialog]

Halt Script

End If




Can anyone help me with this one?