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Learn php or use fmstudio

Question asked by raphthepenguin on Mar 11, 2014
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I am looking into having a Online Application form where people can apply for a school and I would like to link it to FM!


It seems like the best way to do this is cwp with php.


After days of research I am coming to the crossroads, wether I should learn how to do this from sratch (I know very basic html and php). Or if I should use a tool like FMStudio to do the whole thing for me?


I mean it seems like it would save me a lot of headache and time, but it comes with a prize!

I tried to find good php guides or tutorials but I think they are all hard to follow.


Must haves:
The applicants need to be able to create their log in

with their log in they should be able to revisit and update their application

The application needs to be synced/linked to the FM database


What direction would you recomend?

Is there other options than FMStudio (maybe cheaper)?

If learning is the way to go, where can I go ahead?


I think skillwise I am able to learn this, but I am running out of time for when we need it!


I would appreciate all input!