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Relationship graph does not display correctly

Question asked by itraining on Mar 11, 2014
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What troubleshooting steps can I employ in an attempt to restore a healthy Relationship Graph?



Please view the attached screenshot showing the Relationship Graph (RG) in a database. The expected table occurence appearance does not draw/render correctly on screen. Attempts to click/select a remnant of an individual table occurence make the occurence disappear for 15 seconds, before re-appearing (still rendered incorrectly).


In addition, the database produces long PDF reports using the Append PDF script step. Before I noticed the RG issue, I was troubleshooting the creation of a 500+ page PDF that consistently invoked the "database connection interrupted" error (see screenshot) . Attempts to create smaller sections of the large PDF report consistently crashed the FileMaker Pro and the FileMaker Pro Advanced applications (see screenshot) running on a Windows XP and 2 Windows 7 computers. Other smaller PDF reports, 50 pages on average, complete the script successfully.


Troubleshooting so far:

(1) using Server Admin Tool, close ALL databases, stop database service, restart database service and re-open ALL databases FAILED to resolve the RG issue

(2) using Server Admin Tool, close ALL databases, stop database service, shutdown server operating system and restart server FAILED to resolve the issue


Any suggestions appreciated.



Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)


Relationship graph.jpg.jpg


ERROR - communication with host.jpg interrupted.jpg


ERROR - FMPA application crash.jpg.jpg