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FM 13 Window Re-size rendering issue

Question asked by KrisTebbs on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by Stephen Huston

Hey All,


I'm having issues when re-sizing windows in FM 13. When I "Restore Down" the window, then re-size it back to full screen, my portal rows do not render properly. I will get five rows correct, the next five rows the stretch field will not work, so they are indented to "Layout Mode" size, the next five will be correct...and so on apprearing jagged down the list. I am also experiencing issues with graphics not being rendered in portal rows as well. The graphics that are still shown when the window is switched to "Restore Down" appear, but when re-sized back to full screen, the graphics which were not shown in "Restore Down" dissappear all together. I have resolved this issue with a layout trigger OnLayoutSizeChange and a refresh script, but it is a bit slow and you can see FM painting the rows. My question is does FM have any near future plans to resolve this window refresh issue? I would hate to apply a layout trigger on every layout just to see the issue fixed in the next update. I never had this issue in 12.