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    ID Problems


      I've recenlty started having problems with ID fields throughout my database. ID fields that I have set to be unmodifiable can still be modified, and fields that I have set to BE modifiable, I cannot access. I've checked everything I can think of and still have not found a reason. Does anyone have any ideas?

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          Stephen Huston

          How have you set these to be modifiable or unmodifiable?

          • Field definition
          • Permissions/Security
          • Scripting/Triggers

          How you are trying to control modification has a huge impact on how things can or cannot actually modified, but it's rarely as all-or-nothing as one might think. For instance:

          • Definitions: some fields which auto-enter values and are defined to then not allow changes during data entry can still be changed via scripts.
          • Permissions: scripts which are set to run with Full Access can modify things which a user's permissions would stop them from modifying
          • Scripted triggers can result in changes or failure to change depending on the timing of the trigger, so some script triggers  require an "Exit Script [Result: 1]" script step before the change  save.
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            Also: Is the field editable in Browse mode on the layout where you're trying to modify it?

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              For ID fields you want auto created and not modifiable, make sure in the field options under the "Auto-Enter" tab that at the very bottom, you have checked "Prohibit modification of value during data entry".  Remember script can override this, especially if run with full access. 

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                I have all of the field options selected for each field correctly, they are editable in browse mode, I have access to the fields restricted in some privlege sets but I make all changes via my Full Access account, and no scripts are tied into any of the fields. However they continue to do the opposite of what I program.

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                  What IDs are you talking about?

                  Every element in a FileMaker file has its own ID set automatically. Most can be made visible through a FileMaker function, but can never be changed.


                  It's always better to describe what you want to achieve and what went wrong, instead of narrowing it down to what you currently think is the problem.



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                    Stephen Huston

                    Your description claims that you've got everything set perfectly and yet it still doesn't work. That's not likely to be the case unless there was a major bug that would affect everyone using whatever OS and FMP version-combo you are running...

                    So we need to know more specifically what you are trying to do, what exactly is happening instead, and also maybe see the script or even a sample file with the problem.

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                      I have a checklist table related to a checklist item table.  Both checklists and checklist items have ID fields. I need to be able to access the checklist ID field that I had originally set to auto-enter, non-modifiable. I have now set it to allow modifications and not auto-enter data and yet I still cannot access it.  My ID field on checklist items is marked non-modifiable, auto-enter ID, and yet I can still access the field.  I use a Full Access account and neither field is used in any script or tied to any conditional formatting and I did not originally have this problem.

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                        Stephen Huston

                        Can you post a sample file which exhibits this problem?

                        (we'll need  Full Access)

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                          When you say, "access the field", what exactly do you mean? Modify it? Copy its contents? View it?