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    Do I need a plugin to do this? List of hotlines in an email.


      I have two databases, one is a directory of people in the school, and the other is a list of notifications. Faculty, staff and students submit a notification when they get an award, grant, or some other cool professional thing happens to them.


      I need to create a script that goes through the directory and sends an email to each person reminding them to use the notification form to submit their cool things. The email going to each person, is easy. Got that part. But I'm struggling with the body of the email. I want to include the five most recent notifications, and they need to be the Headline for the notification as a hot link. These are both fields, the headline and the URL of the published notification, but I'm not getting anywhere with combining these to form a hot link.


      I can get a list of the URL's of the most recent five records, but can't a list of hot links where the headline is a clickable link.


      I started to create a calculation field which creates the hot link, and was a bit hung up with escaping all of the html characters. But even if I get that sorted out, a list of these in the body of the email won't show as hot links unless the email is an HTML email, right?


      Can I do this? Do I need a plugin to do it so that the email sent is an HTML email?


      FWIW, this won't be to produce spam emails. Rather it will replace a current manual process where someone sends out these reminders every month. The users are already in the habit of receiving the reminders, amd it is a closed set of recipients.

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          Mike Duncan

          You can't send html email natively out of filemaker using the built in script step to send email, it's text only.


          You can send it as text, and most email clients will try to detect URLs in the body, but if the URL to too long, many times it truncates the line if hard breaks are inserted somewhere along the way. I think it's best to send html emails, and it gives you more control over formatting and more.


          There are lots of plugins to do this, and ways to send via external scripting as well.... just depends on what you want to do and what you're comfortable with (php, applescript, plugins).