FMS13 Two Machine Deployment and WebDirect

Discussion created by jcooper on Mar 13, 2014
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Hi All,


We're currently running FMS12 on an old MacPro Tower (2xdual-core with 9GB) and are planning to move to FMS13. One of he big reasons is Web Direct. But it seems to eat up a lot of resources (12 cores for a few dozen connections). My plan (which is in flux right now) is to migrate the server to a 2009 xServe (Quad-Core Xeron, 12GB) that HAD been our FMS11 host. I know this configuration could only handle a handful of webdirect connections (half a dozen, more or less) before tanking, but budgetary constraints prevent my running out and buying a new $10k rack server anytime soon. What I could do is somthing in the $2k range.


So, being stuck with a 4-core rack server and I was wondering if anyone knows, as far as WebDirect, where are most of the resources consumed: The master machine or the worker machine?


Basically, I'm trying to squeeze as many WebDirect users out of as cheap server juggling as I can, without slowing our database server to a crawl for the 30-40 local users who hit it each day wth FMP and FMG.


Also, anyone know if it's possible go across platforms in a deployment? A Mac master machine with a Windows worker, or visa versa? I have this XServe sitting here I don't want to waste, so I'd like it in the mix. If I need to go with a Mac Mini for the worker, so be it. But if I can get more umph for my dollar out of a Windows box, I'm happy to do it.