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      We develop websites in php with My and MS SQL DB solutions and connect via ODBC/ESS with FM. With the new Webdirect feature does someone expect that we can forget the PHP & SQL combination which can be replaced with FM via Webdirect. If it will be a huge timesaver.

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          Read up on WebDirect especially what is supported and what is ot.  Doing custom web publishing as you are doing is infinitely more customizable.

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            But can it be used for a limited website meaning is it for instance possible to have a url other than /fmi and will it found on google, can you see it without login etc, etc. I understand that there are limitations. Finally do you think FM will go that way.

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              No and no. You still need to login, even if it's the Guest login. I don't know if Google indexes such sites.


              If you've already got PHP and mySQL running, why not drop filemaker??