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FMS 13 occasional sudden slowness and logs question

Question asked by user10625 on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by wimdecorte

FMS 13, on Windows Server 2008 R2.

(Clients are 95% on Windows 7, with a couple of developers on macs).

30+ users. Everything is V13 now (except for a couple of utility machines with FMP12 on them, they are still using XP OS.)


It's a pretty big/complex solution, with 100+ tables, some with record counts in the 100K+ range (1 table with 3M records).

We also have ESS . . .our server is talking to another machine on our network with a MySQL database.

We upgraded to FMS13, from FMS12, a few weeks ago, and it's been largely great.


However, recently (this past week), we've had a couple of instances where every one in the office got the ole' coffee cup/ spinning wheel at the same time, for an extended period . . . more than a few minutes, with no sign of letting up. And so essentially, the system crashed, we reverted from backup, and things were OK after that.


This has not happened more than once per day.


First thing was to make sure there was no active virus scanning. Check.

Also checked with the users as to whether anyone was doing a particularly nasty find or replace operation at the time. Check. (no).


In poking around on the web, I saw this ( ):


  • 1.3. If you install FileMaker Server 13 on a system where FileMaker Server had previously been installed, remove or rename all of the FileMakerServer log files before installing FileMaker Server 13. Otherwise the server deployment may have errors when parsing the log files and may cause the server deployment to be slow.


So I did not know this at the time of upgrading from FMS12. My question is, should I go ahead and re-install the server software completely (also doing the log removal), or, can I just turn off the server, delete (or move/rename) all of he log files, and re-start the server?


One other idea . . . we have Progressive Backups running. 7 minute interval. Is this liable to cause occasional performance issues?




Christopher Bailey


Boston MA