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Change one field based on another field's content

Question asked by bobrace on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by raphthepenguin

I have a DB with a number of fields, 2 of which are as follows:


in_out (text - dropdown lis - In or Out)

amount (numeric)


I would like to change the amount field to display a number surrounded by parentheses (negative) based on the content of the in_out field. 


Example: The transaction is for $2000.00 and it is an outgoing wire transfer. The user chooses "out" from the in_out dropdown list, the amount displayed in the amount field would display as ($2000.00).  If however, the users chooses "In", the amount field would simply display $2000.00.


Can anyone tell me what calcualtions I need to do on what fields to get this to work?


Thank you for your help


Bob Racinowski