Excel import w/ complicated spreadsheet

Discussion created by chronister on Mar 14, 2014
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Hello all, I am trying to import data into my tables from an excel spreadsheet. I am new with Filemaker, but am loving it already and will be purchasing the full version soon for 2 different organizations.


Here is my predicament. The spreadsheet is from S&S Activewear and it is their catalog in XLS format. It is set up like this...


SNS CodeWovensCatalog Page #Color CategorySize
Pieces per CaseCase PriceDozen PricePiece Price
46289Calvin Klein Non-Iron Dobby Pindot Shirt - 13CK0298ColorsS - XL24$25.74$29.60$33.46
46389Calvin Klein Ladies' Non-Iron Dobby Pindot Shirt - 13CK0308ColorsS - XL24$24.31$27.96$31.60


This is 2 products of the over 8000 products. The line that says Woven is actually the category Woven. There are others as well. There are multiple sizes for each item and muliple prices for each size.


Does anyone have any ideas on how this could be imported or scripted?




I have attached the excel file to this post for example. I am wanting to have a method to just import this and update all information so I can tie into this with the prcing and quoting modules I am building in Filemaker.