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    FMS 13 'crash' - or something just like it


      We've been gradually updating our FMS 12 Servers to FMS 13. All has gone well except one of them (in production) 'crashed' Saturday.

      Mac OS X Mavericks (up to date) with FMS Server 13. 'Crash' is in parenthesis because there is no crash log but the database went down and the Admin Console was not accessible (the customer intervened before we could example Activity Monitor and see the processes.


      Nothing between normal entries in the FMS log and the reboot (done by the customer). But in the Mac OS X console log are several entries around the time of the 'crash' concerning log entries. The logs being removed are older logs from February when an FMS 12 crash occurred. When FMS 13 was installed it was against a clean install of Mavericks. A backup was not in process.


      2014-03-15 11:00:30.355 AMSubmitDiagInfo[51400]Removed expired file file:///Users/dvs/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/FileMaker%20Pro_2014-02-13-012016_DVS-VetFM-Server.crash
      2014-03-15 11:00:30.356 AMSubmitDiagInfo[51400]Removed expired plist file file:///Users/dvs/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/.FileMaker%20Pro_2014-02-13-012016_DVS-VetFM-Server.crash.plist
      2014-03-15 11:00:30.444 AMSubmitDiagInfo[51400]Removed expired file file:///Users/dvs/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/QuickLookUIHelper_2014-02-13-011330_DVS-VetFM-Server.crash
      2014-03-15 11:00:30.445 AMSubmitDiagInfo[51400]Removed expired plist file file:///Users/dvs/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/.QuickLookUIHelper_2014-02-13-011330_DVS-VetFM-Server.crash.plist
      2014-03-15 11:00:30.446 AMSubmitDiagInfo[51400]Removed expired file file:///Users/dvs/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/QuickLookUIHelper_2014-02-13-011527_DVS-VetFM-Server.crash
      2014-03-15 11:00:30.447 AMSubmitDiagInfo[51400]Removed expired plist file file:///Users/dvs/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/.QuickLookUIHelper_2014-02-13-011527_DVS-VetFM-Server.crash.plist


      Basically nothing else reported. Any thoughts out there?



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          No traces in the FMS event log that would tell you if the FMS shut down or the files closed?  Are you saying that the the FMS event log shows normal operation (backups running, user logging on and off) and then nothing until FMS starting after the reboot?

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            Thanks for looking at it William.

            On my previous entry, it is interesting that the 'Removes' are all User directory stuff.

            Here's the FMS Event log from before and until the restart of server. 


            The 10:39 entry (before the database event) is an authentication error (meaning to me that a user used the wrong security so the database was up and running to be able to reject the user) and then after that the server itself getting stopped. 


            The users reported the database 'down' at 10:53. 


            Absent other info, we'll just watch things. 


            Also interesting is that Progressive backups are set to 'off' but the startup shows a message stopping that processs (I presume just an erroneous entry).


            2014-03-15 10:39:31.611 -0400Warning661DundasClient "DVS (Cat MacBook Pro) []" authentication failed on database "VetFM.fmp12" using "admin [fmapp]".
            2014-03-15 11:33:29.152 -0400Information745DundasStopping FileMaker Server processes...
            2014-03-15 11:33:33.702 -0400Information704DundasStopping Database Server process...
            2014-03-15 11:33:45.316 -0400Information704DundasStopping FileMaker Script Engine process...
            2014-03-15 11:34:05.914 -0400Information952DundasFileMaker Script Engine process stopped.
            2014-03-15 11:34:05.914 -0400Information704DundasStopping Progressive Backup process...
            2014-03-15 11:34:36.697 -0400Information952DundasProgressive Backup process stopped.
            2014-03-15 11:34:36.698 -0400Information704DundasStopping Admin Server process...
            2014-03-15 11:34:54.406 -0400Information952DundasAdmin Server process stopped.
            2014-03-15 11:34:54.406 -0400Information704DundasStopping HTTP Server process...
            2014-03-15 11:35:13.679 -0400Information746DundasFileMaker Server processes stopped.
            2014-03-15 11:37:38.224 -0400Information743DundasStarting FileMaker Server processes...
            2014-03-15 11:37:38.226 -0400Information703DundasStarting HTTP Server process...
            2014-03-15 11:37:42.116 -0400Information703DundasStarting Progressive Backup process...
            2014-03-15 11:37:32.157 -0400Information703DundasStarting Database Server process...
            2014-03-15 11:37:32.167 -0400Information703DundasStarting Admin Server process...
            2014-03-15 11:37:33.833 -0400Information703DundasStarting FileMaker Script Engine process...
            2014-03-15 11:37:34.272 -0400Information162DundasStarting FileMaker Server 13.0v1 x64 (10-22-2013)...
            2014-03-15 11:37:34.272 -0400Information763DundasRunning on Mac OS X 10.9.2 (Build 13C64), with 4 logical processor core(s)
            2014-03-15 11:37:34.273 -0400Information657DundasClient access logging disabled.
            2014-03-15 11:37:34.273 -0400Information178DundasMaximum size of log file: 40 MB
            2014-03-15 11:37:34.273 -0400Information658DundasEmail notification to administrators: None
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              Ok, so something asked FMS to stop, that needs to be looked into.  Was it an automated system update?  An admin accidentally stopping the service?

              It clearly was not a crash.

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                Maybe unrelated, but worth a shot. Is power nap and / or app nap enabled ?

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                  Hi Vincent.  Thanks for looking.


                  AppNap and PowerNap are not enabled.  Things look fine on the Mac.


                  So, I'm with William.  I suspect a network issue caused them to think that FMS was down.


                  I appreciate it.