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    Can you override auto enter/non modifiable fields?


      Hi all. I'm just starting up with FileMaker and have probably made a typical new user error. I created a customer ID field which was set up to be auto-enter, non-modifiable. When I imported the data I switched off this feature as I wanted to keep the old customer IDs for existing records. However, I cannot do anything now!! A dialogue box tells me "Contact ID” is defined to require a value. You must enter a value." but it won't let me enter a value manually, it won't let me move to another record, I can't get into layout mode to edit the field,I can't open Manage Database, I can't close the database, and I wanted to make a clone of this DB and start again and can't do that either. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Many thanks. T

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          What OS are you runninig under?  If Windows, you can open the Task Manager and end the filemaker task.  Then open your file but don't go to any fields.  You should be able to go to Manage Database and turn off Required Value, Unique and other Validation options until you figure out what the Contact ID downloaded look like.  If there are blanks in the downloaded fields, the system will yell at you.  You may have a bunch of them.  If you are going to be doing a lot of downloading, you might set up a table just for the downloaded records without any validation.  Then create a script that will walk through the new records and look for anything that can cause problems.  When the new records in that file are clean, you can then import them into your main file.

          Cheers, Mark

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            HI Mark. I'm on Mac OS 10.7.4.  Based on your suggestions I forced FileMaker to quit and was able to open DB without going into any fields then access Manage DB and switch off the field requirements.I will import the existing contact IDs as they are, then set up the auto serial numbers for the new records later. Thanks so much for your help. Phew. Now I can get on with my work! Thanks again!! T