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Problem with Re-Login script step

Question asked by dburnham on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by hbrendel

I am developing a solution for iOS which requires that the initial log-in for any user has the read-only privilege set.


The very first step in my OnFirstOpen script that is set to trigger when the file launches performs the script step "Re-Login". The defined user name and password are allowing the login to proceed, and it should have the privilege set "read only".


However, just to make sure, I decided to present a custom dialog box immediately after the re-login step, so that I could confirm the privilege set available to the logged in user account. For some reason, the Custom Dialog Box automatically changes to "Full Access".


When using the debugger to go thru this procedure step-by step, I observe in the Data Viewer that when the Re-Login step processes, the current privilege set name is reported correctly in the Data Viewer.


However, when the next script step occurs, the presentation of the Custom Dialog, the privilege set changes by itself to "Full Access" --- or at least, that is what is shown in both the custom dialog as well as the Data Viewer.


The question: what causes the privilege set to change, just by invoking a custom dialog box? Could this be a bug in FMP-13?