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FMGo 12 & FMGo 13 - Memory problems?

Question asked by mariorosati on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by wsvp

Hello everyone,

I’ve developed iPad application on my pc, I’ve used FileMaker Pro Dev. 12.0v3. My application includes 37 tables, 85 forms, 83 scripts and about 255 global variables that I define by start-up script. Why 255 global variables? Because I use them as labels form to manage localize language version.

Yesterday I’ve uploaded application on my iPad: model 3 with iOS 7.1, 16 Gb and 5,3 Gb memory free. I have tried to run it with FMPro 12 before then with FMPro 13. I have got a lot of problems:

  • Buttons that did not executed their script command associated
  • uncompleted rendering: forms with white area
  • Labels changed
  • and so on…

Before to think… to my suicide could you give me some suggestion?