Server-side Scripts Time Limit Hangs Server

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I have a system that's been running for years. Most recently, it was running on FileMaker Server 11. This sytem runs a scheduled script every half hour during the work day, at staggered times. One set of scripts imports data from csv files generated by the client's AS-400, every 30 minutes. Then, staggered from those times, another scheduled script exports changes made in FileMaker to csv files that are imported into the AS-400 system, also every 30 minutes.


This has been running continuously since we installed the last update to FileMaker Server 11—in other words, quite awhile.


Each of these scripts was set with a 10-minute time limit, and other for very rare occasions, that limit was never reached. When it was, the script was aborted, and would run at the next scheduled time.


Recently we upgraded the server to FileMaker Server 13. The server is running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, and we had to install Service Pack 1 in order to install FileMaker Server 13. It has 18GB of RAM.


The scripts ran fine for approximately a week, when I received a call from the client saying that the server was unresponsive. When I looked at the Admin Console, it showed that the data import scripts (coming from the AS-400) had timed out, and so had other scheduled scripts.


I saw nothing else odd, but there was a Java update notice on the server. I restarted the server, and everything seemed to work fine. Two weeks later, I received another call. The server was unresponsive, and the same results were showing in the Admin Console. There was another Java update notice. I now suspected that the Java update was somehow interfering with scripts running on the server. I restarted the server, and everything seemed fine again.


Within a week, the server was unresponsive again. This time, there was no Java update notice on the server, but I did note that all of the server script operations that had been scheduled since the timeout were still "connected" to the server. In other words, when the server runs a script schedule named "Import Data," a user named "Import Data" displays in the Admin Console as connected to the server for as long as the script is running. What seems to be happening is that if the "Import Data" schedule times out, every subsequent script schedule (the next "Export Data" schedule, and all of the follwing import and export schedules) attempt to run, but they all time out. In addition, none of those "users" is ever disconnected from the server. After four hours, there will be 8 users connected (four import schedule users and four export schedule users). I'm not sure at what point the server becomes unresponsive, but we haven't hit the connection limit on the server. (That's irrelevent anyway, since this shouldn't be happening.)


I restarted the server. Then, I received a call last Thursday. Same thing. No Java update notice. Restarted server. Call today (one work day in between this time.) Same thing; no Jave update notice; nothing else that I can find. Restarted server.


This leads to two main questions:


1. Why should scripts that ran, in most cases, within a maximum of 7 minutes, now take more than 10 to run?


2. When a script reaches the time limit and is aborted, why is that user not disconnected from the server, and why do all subsequent scripts time-out?


And, finally, has anyone else encountered this or anything related to it, and does anyone have any suggestions?




--Dennis Chretien