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Calculated Value List

Question asked by MallieWilliams on Mar 17, 2014
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Hey guys..


I have a value list labeled Group which is set to "Use values from field: TicketSales::Group.


The Group are a list of hotels Courtyard, Hampton, and SpringHill


What I'm looking for is when you dropdown Hampton it will switch to it's on record or Id if you will so each time I add a qty of hotels it counts down referenceing that particular hotel. "Hampton" and when you go to the next drop down it will have it's on id or record and the other filed should have shown the remaing.I want each list to show how many rooms are left. This is more like a filter problem it seems. The event number that is on the example should be tied to the dropdown list. That's what I'm thinking in order to switch to a new record. If that make sense.