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    Calculated Value List


      Hey guys..


      I have a value list labeled Group which is set to "Use values from field: TicketSales::Group.


      The Group are a list of hotels Courtyard, Hampton, and SpringHill


      What I'm looking for is when you dropdown Hampton it will switch to it's on record or Id if you will so each time I add a qty of hotels it counts down referenceing that particular hotel. "Hampton" and when you go to the next drop down it will have it's on id or record and the other filed should have shown the remaing.I want each list to show how many rooms are left. This is more like a filter problem it seems. The event number that is on the example should be tied to the dropdown list. That's what I'm thinking in order to switch to a new record. If that make sense.

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          Hi Mallie,


          You're not being 'shunned', it's just that the answer is (probably) a bit more involved than you're expecting.  If I get time tomorrow and if noone else has jumped in, I'll try and answer simply.  Are you familiar with relationships/ self join relationships?  Have you set up calculation fields before?


          The basic framework is that:

          1.     You have a bunch of hotels.

          2.     Each one has various numbers of specific room types.

          3.     People book a room type, at a particular establishment, for a particular date.

          4.     For that date, you need to keep a track of how many of the rooms of that type, at that establishment, have been booked already, and therefore how many are still available.


          Does anyone know of any templates that will get Mallie going?


          All the best,


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            I've learned about relationships/Self-Joins recently. I also know the simple calculations. Most of the starter solutions and answers that I've acquired here is what have help me understand more and more. The hardest part is taking on real world information and seperating the entities and attributes sometimes. I really appricate everyone help who's reaching out. Thanks!