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    FMS 13 and Database Uploading


      Our FMS 13 server appears to be running just fine- servinve databases and doing ewverything else expected, except, I'm having a problem wuth the ability to use Share-> Upload to Database Server. I get a "Connection Failed" error. Not sure how to troubleshoot this past confirming that the Admin console username and password are correct, and the host address is correct.



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          There are a lot of smart people on here which may be able to give you better insight, but my experaince is that 90% of the time my clients can not upload is because of firewall issues- or more specifically are port 16000-16004 open?


          Quick way to trouble shoot is to turn your firewall off and give it another try. The longterm fix would be to add these exceptions to your firewall setup. If a firewall in the router is in place and oyu can not disable, then try from another location. I happen to know that more than one FileMaker 13 database has been uploaded from Panera Bread...







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            Port 443 needs to be open and forwarded for the upload to work.


            See list of ports used by FMS13:



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              The firewall is probably the cause, but another thing to look out for when uploading from FMP is an upload failure after connection. This is particularly relevant if you use the optional additional folder location for container file storage.


              We've been caught out a number of times by the database having been removed, but the container storage folder (named after the database file) containing the RC_Data_FMS folder still being within the folder, even if the contents are empty. From memory, the upload tells you that the database already exists, even though you can see from the admin console that it doesn't.


              With the ability to also drag databases in and out of the database folder, it is easy to overlook this and, as previously noted, we don't always want Gbs of container storage automatically removed by FileMaker Server when removing a database.



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                I am having the same problem uploading databases through FM 13 Pro. I can not access the "FM Server_Sample.fmp12" hosted on the server from FM Pro 13 either.


                I see that my port 443 is actively listening on the server (netstat -ano shows this information) and is tied to PID "System".

                I am not sure if this has to be used by "System". Should this be not "FM server"?


                BTW, I am not using additional optional folder configured and i have a fresh installation of FM13 server this morning with IIS installed and enabled on Win 2008 R2 server.


                I had heaps of problems with ARR and other dependent packages that were needed to for FM 13 installation. But i am stuck again.


                Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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                  I have a few ideas, but as many questions than anything else. I typically spend several hours a day in FileMaker Server (literally), so if you are willing to give me a temporary RDP account- I would happy to log-in, look around, and give you my two sense worth…












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                    Unfortunately it is an enterprise network and this server sits on intranet and not accessible.


                    Are you able to share any of your thoughts on what i could possibly check? I have IIS7 installed on this server and when i type localhost i get an error 500.19 and it points to an error in web.config file of Filemaker. Do you think its some what related?

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                      Also noted this issue on two computers so far...


                      1. My own iMac yesterday (OS X 10.9.2, i7 16GB RAM)... however, I could open the admin console and make changes.  Uploading new files worked again after I had done two things:


                      a) Removed Server.app

                      b) Made a couple of changes to FileMaker Server configuration, which only included dedicating more RAM and turning on SSL. 


                      I had earlier noted the same error mentioned above when attempting to upload a file:  "Connection Failed"




                      2. A customers iMac (about 6 yrs old Intel Core Duo, 4GB RAM).  No luck with this one yet.  I get "Connection Failed" when attempting to upload a file, AND can not access the admin console.  Server.app is not installed on this computer.  There was previously no problem with installation and configuration of FileMaker Server 13, and although the admin console can not be accessed, the files are hosted successfully and can be connected to remotely.  Firewall is Off.  The user recently changed internet service providers.




                      I hope this may trigger some more ideas??




                      Both of the above computers had recently updated to OS X 10.9.2.  FileMaker Server 13 was installed when using 10.9

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                        I have realised port 5003 is not accessible from this sever within the Intranet. After working with Network administrators this resolved my problem.


                        Thanks for all your responses.