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Distributing Reports Challenge

Question asked by rmittelman on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by tkemmere

I have an FMP 13 application that prepares reports for our members. I want the option of bringing up the report(s) in preview mode or emailing to members, or both.


So far, I've figured out how to bring up the reports, save them to pdf, and also how to email our members, even adding an attachment to the email. Unfortunately, I have run into a limitation. Without using a plugin or AppleScript, I can only attach a single file to each email. Logically, there are 3 ways around this that I can see:


  1. Multiple emails to each person, one for each attachment
  2. Zip the multiple PDF's into a single zip file, and attach that
  3. Append each PDF to the same file, then email that


I'm eliminating #1 for efficiency.


I've tried #3, but am running into an issue. Of 3 possible reports (so far), one is landscape and the others are portrait. When I append them all into a file, the resulting PDF is ALL landscape. I expected that the portrait report portions should appear portrait and landscape portions should appear landscape. This does not happen. Since all pages are landscape, the portrait pages are all messed up, especially those that are formatted as labels. I put a script step in each report script (which are called sequentially by controlling script) to execute the print setup dialog, but this doesn't fix the issue. Any ideas?


I haven't tried #2, not sure how to do this without 3rd party tool.


Can anybody suggest the proper way to solve this challenge? Thanks in advance...