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    X-Post FMS 13, OSX 10.9 Connection issues...




      Client has switched to a new MacMini (Dual 256 GB SSDs, 8 GB RAM etc, OSX 10.9.1) to use as a Filemaker 13 Server. They had been FMS11 on a 10.7.5 iMac.

      Works great.


      Users are reporting getting disconnected at times. 6 local users and 9 remote users at three different sites.

      All are using OSX 10.8.5 or 10.9.2. All machines are set to not go to sleep and not to spin the hard disk down.

      Server is set the same way.

      All machines are using ethernet connections.

      Max idle time is set on server to 780 minutes.


      This is a new thing since we swapped servers.


      So I am onsite now and logged into FMServer.

      1. Safari was open to the Admin Console. Big Red Message: Internal Error. Take a note of any unsaved data. Quit Safari and reconnected to FMS. No more error message. Tried again and got the error message. Clicked on it and got this:

      "Failed to load the widgetset: ./VAADIN/widgetsets/com.filemaker.admin.widgetset.AdminConsoleWidgetset/com.filemaker.admin.widgetset.AdminConsoleWidgetset.nocache.js?1395097348275"

      2. The server log has a lot of these: Client "BruceToo []" no longer responding; connection closed. (10) The ONLY difference between this setup and prior is the new server. Was FMS11 on a 10.7.5 iMac, now FMS 13 on a 10.9.1 MacMini.


      So, it "feels" as though the server is dropping connections. Just don't know why.


      Tomorrow am I will bounce the server and update to 10.9.2. Java wants to update as well but I think I will ignore that for a while. Had more than enough "java junk" with FMS 11.



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          looking at the FMS event log: do these user disconnects come in bunches (many at once), or just sprinkled through the time with no pattern?

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            Good point.  I will be back at the server in the am.  Will report back.




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              We replaced the MacMini with the original iMac - 10.9.2 with FMS 13.  1 disconnect all day.  My laptop has been connected, still is, for nearly 14 hours.

              Set up the Mini at home with 2 OSX laptops connected via Wifi and using FMP 13.  A number of disconnects - server log indicates that it is the server that is dropping the clients.  There is no limit to the idle time.

              So I think we'll nuke the box, reinstall Mavericks, reinstall FMS 13, and then do some more testing.

              The suspects are narrowed down to the Mini hardware, the 10.9.2 install or the FMS13 install.




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                Here's the update on the matter with a rehash.


                Client originally had a 27” iMac running OSX 10.8.5 and FMS 11.  No issues with connections.  4 sites - 1 local, 1 in Calgary, 1 (now 2) in Vancouver.  Life was good.


                Decided to upgrade.  Got new MacMini OSX Server (Not enabled)


                Mac Mini  C07M608VDY3J

                Dual 256 GB SSD. 8 GB Ram.


                Version 1…


                Original setup was brand new MacMini with FMS13 installed.  User connections - around 15 - were getting dropped between 60 and 120 minutes.  5 local ethernet clients, 10 remote clients but all connected to ethernet.


                Getting server disconnects: one Macbook Pro in FMP 13 in 10.8.5 and Macbook 10.7.5 in FMP 12.

                Both laptops are configured to never sleep, never spin down had drive.  All server setups follow the same convention.  Never sleep.  Never spin down.


                Version 2…


                Drive 1:

                OSX 10.9.2 FMServer 13



                OSX 10.9.2 FMServer 12


                Both FMServers have no user time out.

                Both FMServers drop user after about 60 to 90 minutes.


                Both FMServers are configured to allow “infinite” user connections.


                I have this running at home right now with a MacBook Pro (FMP13) and a Macbook (FMP 12) connected.


                No matter what drive I boot from and what server (12 or 13) I get the same issues.


                We originally had a 27” iMac running OSX 10.8.5 and FMS 11.  No issues with connections.

                Upgraded to FMP 13.

                Installed in MacMini.  Model is MacMini6,2

                Connection dropouts.


                Totally wiped the iMac, installed FMS 13.  No dropout issues.

                This is the current deploy.


                No network changes. 

                Same ethernet cables.

                Same router.




                Spent much of the day on the phone with Apple Enterprise support - luckily we bought a MacMini with OSX Server (even though we do not use it).  They agree this is "mysterious" and suggest I take this up with FMI support since it is FMServer that is dropping the connections.  Seems pretty clear to me what the issue is - the Mini - but Apple won't rest until I take this up with FMI Tech Support.

                I am tempted to buy another Mini to see if it has the same issues, hopefully not.  Right now, we have an attractive $2K doorstop.




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                  An update.  3 hours total phone time with Apple Enterpride Tech support.  One hour with FMI tech Support.  The "device" is now in the hands of Apple for full diagnostics ( if only Geordie La Forge was real! ).  Should this prove uneventful we will buy another same spec'd Mini and try again - we will get a good test of their return policies.  I hear that the MacMini is not a great machine to be a server - though I can id 6 other deploys of mine that work flawlesslly - this was a Mini with OSX Server installed, yet might it be unworthy of bring a Filemaker Server?






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                    John Funk

                    I also have a client that has a Mini as a FM 13 server with the same disconnect problems, this is the same box that was running FMS11 flawlessly.

                    At one time we thought it was the ethernet connection on the Mini because once we switched the connection to WIFI the disconnects stopped. But now two weeks later they are getting a few disconnects while the Mini is still using WIFI.


                    I bought a new Mini for my development FM server and now after 5 weeks of use it is also starting the disconnects, even when I am the only person connected.


                    It seems VERY odd that two Minis with two diferent configs are having the same problem. I am now thinking there is a problem with FileMaker Server 13 running on Mini's.


                    Interested in what FileMaker and others say about this.

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                      John Funk

                      Oh. at my Client we also eliminated the switch as the problem by substituting ports and no other client/service is having this problem. The connection in my office is directly to an Airport Extreeme.

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                        One thing I'll refresh in this discussion is that I was getting disconnects running FMS 12 on the 2nd SSD in the Mini.  So FMS 13 may be a bit of a red herring in this discussion.


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                          In another thread someone recommends NOT using Mavericks Server, Just Mavericks, for satbilty reasons:



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                            Yet another update.  Apple tested the Mini hardware over an 8 hour run and could not find any network droputs.  They are ordering another same spec Mini which I will test.  The results promise to be interesting.






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                              Well.  Apple has taken back both MacMini's, credited VISA account, and now we are shopping for a MacPro.

                              The only MacMini configuration that had no disconnects was MacMini and two laptops all hardwired to a dedicated router with max cable length 3 feet between any computer and router.  Even tried a different router.






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                                Hi Stephen -


                                I am experiencing similar issues with 3 separate customers also:


                                1. Mac OS X 10.9.2, FMS13, iMac (i5, 8GB RAM) Unable to access files after some disconnects, even after restart. 

                                2. Mac OS X 10.9.2, FMS13, iMac (similar to above but older model, and only 4GB RAM)

                                3. Mac OS X 10.8.5, FMS12v4, Mac mini i7, 8GB RAM (have since updated to OS X 10.9.2, FMS12v6 - files are hosted ok, but still having problems accessing admin console following weekend-yesterday updates)


                                With one of the clients (number 1 above), I performed a port scan using 'Network Utility'.  Unfortunately, I didn't record the first one, but noted at least that port 443 was NOT open.  I re-installed FMS13, repeated the port scan and noted that port 443 was open again.  I had selected "Require Secure Connections" in the FMS13 and FMS12 configurations. 


                                I have no idea at this point why port 443 was not open, but wonder if you may have noted the same problem after the disconnections you have observed?


                                Would this not suggest an Apple network issue, rather than FileMaker Server installation issue??


                                In my examples, I could see no specific setting in router configuration to prompt closure of port 443 (settings haven't changed, and disconnections only started since each client seemed to get up to date with the OS X version they were running at the time (e.g. 10.8.5 and 10.9.2).  The Firewall on the Mac itself was off at times of disconnections. 




                                Stephen Sexton

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                                  After weeks of messing around I know this:


                                  A current spec'd MacMini (tried 2) has some network issue that makes FMS13 drop clients.

                                  Even had failures with same spec'd Mini and FMS12.

                                  An 18 month old iMac in same physical wirespace has worked without issue for 14 days. 

                                  The identical wirespace - same Cat5, same router, same modem.


                                  It seems apparent (to me at least) that this issue is at the border between the Apple network interface in this spec'd device and the Filemaker Server queries about client connections.






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                                    John Funk

                                    I have been folowing this discussion and now this affirms my theory that the Minis networking are a fault. Stephen do you have an Apple case number I can refer my case to? I will also request a replacement / refund.

                                    Please contact me back channel.

                                    John Funk

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