Script Trigger: save object / commit record

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we are currently trying to synchronize data between a Content Management System (different server) and a database on Filemaker Server 12.

We already managed to create, edit and delete data via the CMS into the FM Server DB.

Following this document ( there are script triggers for

"OnObjectSave" and "OnRecordCommit".


EDIT: The CMS communicates with the Filemaker Server 12 via Custom Web Publishing with XML.


1. The layout contains objects such as fields for email. We would like to trigger a script (open an url) before the value(in the field) is stored permanently. The reason: The CMS validates email adresses and in order to avoid conflicts while sync the data, we want to transfer the value to the CMS. If the validation is successful, the response would be "true" and FM should store the value persistently. Unfortunately the script trigger "OnObjectSave" is an post event although we obviously need an pre event.

Any suggestion how to solve this issue?


2. After a user (with the FM Client) creates, edits or deletes a record, we would like to invoke a script to inform the CMS about these changes. The existing script trigger "OnRecordCommit" is a pre event.

Though we need an post event, because we only want to sync data that has been stored permanently. It might be possible that the commit fails.


Does anyone accomplish similiar problems?


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