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    Getting Started with Layouts


      Can anyone help? I am ex Bento and am trying to guage whether Filemaker Pro is a usable, if expensive, substitute before I purchase. I have managed everything I need using a trial of Filemaker Pro, including importing data from Bento, except one simple modest requirement. I cannot get the thing to print out a two page extract of fields for each record. I can print multiple records per page but not visa versa. Is it impossible to do this or do you need a rocket science degree to make it happen? If either is the case I will not buy.

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          I'm assuming you're using FM 13.


          Go to your layout (or create a new one). Enter layout mode. Use the Field Picker to drag all (desired and/or missing) fields onto the layout*. Set the layout size to double the size of your page format. Distribute the fields across the layout. Print.


          * If you have FM 12, there's no field picker, and you can only add fields one by one to an existing layout. In that case, it may be easier to create a new layout and add fields en masse onto the layout from the New Layout dialog.

          celiacomrie wrote:

          […] or do you need a rocket science degree to make it happen? […]

          Probably not, but it may help.

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            Printing multiple "pages" means that you move the BODY part down until you see past the dashed line at the bottom. That's your page marker, taking into consideration the headers and footers on each page.


            In layout mode you can drag the little tab down (or up) to resize the body. Or click once and change the height in Inspector.


            HTH and welcome to FMP, I hope you stick around.



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              Thanks I'll try that from scratch.  I kind of ended up with that Idea but had ticked so many boxes in the mean time I had probably destroyed any hope of printing!  I will also buy extra brain.




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                Many thanks.  I was getting a little frustrated!  I will refocus and try again.  Lots of major pluses vis a vis bento so will probably go for it!






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                  Welcome to the FileMaker world.  It is more complicated than Bento, but more powerful.  However, the tools can help you develop things fairly rapidly if you know how to use them. 


                  You might consider some online training with Lynda.com ort vtc.om.  They are inexpensive and you see them as videos.  FileMaker has a FileMaker Training Series with the first part actually aimed at new users.  And if you ever want to venture into topics explained in great detail and maybe thinking outside of the box, I love the FileMakerMagazine.com, which is a subscription service of videos (used to be a magazine, now all videos). 


                  Depending on where you are, there may be a local FileMaker Pro Users Group, most of which have a monthly meeting.  www.fmpug.org


                  And for single problem questions like this one, feel free to come here to Technet and post away.  We all help each other out here!  Glad to see you on here!