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    FTS-13 on iPad?


      Hi All,


      I must admit, I'm a total dunce with it comes to iPads. I just purchased one and am trying to use it to learn FMGo. I've been in the Windows environment for over 30 years and Filemaker since 1996. I just downloaded the FTS-13 onto my windows PC and was wondering how to get it onto iBooks or something similar on my iPad.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Well, there's always the mail-it-to-yourself. read the email (web mail if necessary). when you open the PDF, you can click on option to open with iBooks.

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            Stephen Huston

            You could email yourself the PDF files for use in iBooks or some other PDF Reader such as GoodReader (my personal pref for PDFs on iOS).


            Or you can use iTunes to transfer the files to a specific iOS Application via the device's Applications tab.

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              Dropbox would be another option to transfer items to the iPad.

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                Thanks Beverly and Steve. 


                I used the iTunes transfer because the pdf was way too big for email.  I will have to look into Dropbox for another application.  I have over 200 recipes in Word (Windows) and used iTunes to transfer those files to my iPad.  The only problem is Pages doesn't see the documents and I have to load one at a time into Pages - not an option with over 200 files.  Sorry, for ranting on a totally different subject.  I placed a discussion topic on the Apple forum for iPads 2 days ago and haven't gotten any replies.


                This problem has been solved.

                Thanks again,


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                  I have a little app called "Documents" on the iPad, which is great at pulling files off my mac, without using iTunes (which I hate)...  I have not used it with Windows but I assume it will get files from a Windows host as well.  I like it because it does not require you to feed data through the Internet.

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                    Create one FileMaker database, create container field in it.

                    Share the file opened on Windows.

                    Insert any file to the container field on Windows.

                    Open the file on iPad with FMGo, you can get container contents.

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                      Great idea! Filemaker to the rescue.  I wanted to create a recipe database a long time ago and now this is the incentive needed to complete that project.  I only hope that I can open the Word document in the container.  I'll have to test that before I get too carried away.  Thanks!

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                        For me, Disk Aid and FileApp have been godsends I learned about here on Technet. No longer any need to use iTunes.

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                          Thanks for the app suggestion.  I have made a quick test of the Filemaker option and it has the advantage that I can search for ingredients or title using the Quick Find.  It really is what I wanted in the first place.  So I'm going to go with that.


                          BTW, You guys are great.  I asked for help on the Apple iPad forum and no replies after 3 days, until I wrote a closing reply, then I got a few suggestions today.

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                            Nobody mentioned it, but you can just download the PDF from the same location on your ipad as where you downloaded it on your desktop. This is how I got the FTS on my iPad. Opens in iBooks straight from safari, and also bypasses the size limitation of emailing it.


                            I also like the dropbox option, and pass a lot of databases to my iPad for testing for that purpose.

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                              The FTS is in zip format. Is there a way to extract on iPad, Mike? I thought of the download-there, too, but opted for iTunes as really quick. Dropbox is great, but requires internet and the direct link iPad to iTunes often is faster. I can move the example files there, but since there is no "developing" on FMGo, I keep the PDF on the iPad and files on the laptop (as developing is 1/2 the training in the series!!)



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                                Bev,  I use iZip to unzip files on the iPad.  You can also use this to unzip large FileMaker files on the iPad.  I believe Good Reader will also unzip files.  The best program for moving files to the iPad is Diskaid.  It's free and it also works over WiFi. Much better than iTunes.

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                                  hmm, the link I got to it was in PDF with the attachments in a separate zip folder…


                                  I know multiple apps, like filebrowser (love that one!) and airsharing HD lets you unzip a file, but I'm not sure about opening the zip from the browser directly.