A Page x of XX solution

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The old "page x of XX" has been an area of inovation for develpers since FMPro 2.x and there have been many solutions and opinions as to how to achieve that end. The introduction of variables offered an interesting twist.


I offer here a simple text string and script that can be added to any Report LO that will excute whether the file is served or not. I use a Variable [$$Pages] to display the data. And a typical edit to the basic text string "Page {(PageNumber)}." Edit the Page... to "Page {(PageNumber)} of <<$$Pages>>" Make this a button to preform this script.


Enter Prewview Mode []

Go TO Record... [Last]

Set Variable [$$Pages, Value: Get (PageNumber)]

Enter Browse Mode []

Go TO Record... [First]


On my Server it took about a minute or 2 to paginate some 32,000 records. On Smaller found sets trials the speed is much faster. [ on FMS 12.x, with Both FMPA 12.x and 13.x ].


Obviously can be used by any Printing script.