Catch errors for images that may be missing

Discussion created by chronister on Mar 18, 2014
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Hello all,


I am moving right along with my supplier quoting system that a few of you helped me out with previously. Thank you for that.


I am now faced with needing to link 10,000 images to a container field. I am able to do it without much issue, except when it comes to missing files. I have 12,441 records I am targeting, and 10,245 images. So I am missing around 2200 images, which is not a big deal and there is noting I can do about that as it is controlled by the supplier.


So how do I loop through and skip these fields that have missing images or capture the dialogs so that it does not interfere with script operation?



I have a flag field to catch many of the missing images, but there are still some missing images that are not being handled.


Any help would be appreciated.