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    Count not working correctly


      I have a detailed report of all of the students seperated by class


      When I try to do a count it counts everyone instead of counting by class


      Is there something I could put under the detail fields in the report to make it start counting again from 0?

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          You don't say how you're "counting". There are various ways.


          You need a summary field that counts the primary key and you need to place that on a sub-summary part sorted by class. That's if you on a layout based on students.


          If you're on a layout based on classes, you need a calculation field that counts related students.

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            do you have the field in a subsummary part on the report layout? and are you sorting by the class?


            An aggregate, such as Count(), will mean different values based on where it's placed on a layout. The same field in a subsummary (with sort) will be just those records. Put that field in a grand summary or footer and you get the TOTAL of all records in the found set (regardless of sort).