It happened again - 50 users/licenses lost for us and FM Inc.

Discussion created by intex on Mar 20, 2014
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It just happened again. We could have sold 50 seats of our travel expense accounting program, but ...


customer didn´t want 50 (runtime based) single user editions of the program, which would have been 50*99=4950.- Euros incl. VAT in the worst case for the customer (no rebate).


Instead customer wanted a client-/server based solution, so I had to offer him a FM Server and 50 licenses of FM Pro prior to buying any database solution file from us. This is even with VLA the affordable amount of 17.452,80 Euros incl. tax.


What do you think the customer thought of this offering ? Great? Where can I buy immediately?


Of course nothing of this. We lost this customer, FM Inc. lost this customer due to absurd high prices for network computing. The customer will go to a cloud based solution. Remember - he didn´t want to buy a database called FileMaker, he wanted a travel expense accounting program.


There is a definite need for


a) a FM GO for the desktop or a FM version without layouting capabilities with a "normal" price tag

b) a much more affordable WebDirect feature


Hate me, but that´s what I think and experience every week again and again since years. And yes, I am bold enough to remind FM Inc. of this situation from time to time.