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    No attachment with Apple Mail



      Sending out invoices via FileMaker ( set variable, save as pdf , send mail via e-mail client )


      It works almost 100%

      But in rare cases with Apple Mail the receiver claims. No Attachment included.


      Looking in Apples Sent Messages, everything seems correct.


      Can anybody throw some light on what can be happening here ?


      It would be nice to be able to solve the problem, or at least have a good explanation when the next customer blames my system.


      Thanks, and Best regards


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          There's varying threads about missing attachments in apple mail if you google it. Furthermore, your proof in your sent items folder, and the fact that it's not an issue for 100% of your clients, should make you assume it's not filemaker. IE if it's making it out of FileMaker and into your sent items, it doesn't seem like a FM issue.


          That's not going to say that you're use of apple mail as your outbound program is not causing the issue, just FileMaker.


          If it's mission critical, I would highly recommend using a mail plugin and SMTP or IMAP. This would also open up the ability to do other things well (like HTML mail and multiple attachments).

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            Thanks for your input Mike,


            Actually, the user can choose to send out mail via client ( Apple or Outlook) - or fill out a SMTP form ( which then use CNS SMTP-it ) , so I am familiar with plug-ins and do also recommend this approach, which seems to work perfectly.


            I also do not think it is a FileMaker issue, but my customers do not buy FileMaker, they buy my solution.


            Was just curious if others have had the same experience, and had come up with a good explanation for the customer or even better a solution.



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              "Perform script on server" is a really useful way to send mail in FMS13, at least for the plug-in / SMTP option. Make it work in one place then send all of your mail from there.


              I have never really considered apple mail to be a great program, but I also think outlook is a bloated resource hog (ironic that I'm typing this message in it), but I remember plenty of quirks from back in my IT heydays of dealing with apple mail.

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                Most of my customers are still on 12 - but thanks for the idea of using the server.


                When using Apple Mail without FileMaker,  I cannot recall ever having heard that my pdf attachments dit not arrive.


                Therefore I think it is a bit strange

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                  If that's the case, how would you explain the sent items email, with attachment? At that point your email has exited the filemaker program. Like I noted, it still could be an apple mail issue, even apple mail's integration with FileMaker, but the attachment making it into the email successfully makes me lean towards apple mail (or your client's side) as the issue.

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                    I do agree with you.


                    However, I have worked with a lot of customers the last 20 years using Apple Mail, and during that period attachments and Apple Mail has never been an issue.


                    But if you put FileMaker in front, then I would say that almost every month I get one call from a customer having this problem.



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                      Have you ruled out the possiblity the problem might be on the receiving end where some kind of filtering is stripping the email attachment?  What happens if the client resends the email form the sent box?

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                        I don't have a solution to your problem but I'm sending batches of emails including PDF versions of invoices as well as other documents.


                        The other day I sent out one message with an attachment to 32 receivers.


                        31 got the attachment but one receiver did not.


                        This was one message going to 32 receiver and not one message per receiver.