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    Online shopping: Which web store would you recommend currently


      I am developping a new web store for a luxury goods dealer. All routes to accomplish a ~500 products, European web shop for wealthy clients are still open. As the typical item sells for 1000$ ( ! ), they do not have a crazy turnover of goods per month, and I really figure Filemaker Server 13 is suited well for the amount of data.


      As the client does not want regular fees for the shop, and demands a lot of flexibility, I think it s best to opt for an open source e-commerce web application:

      Also, the client has two brick and mortar flagship stores, where they sell in-store and buy used goods and re-sell these to clients. Thus, they need to connect online-Store and offline store functions such as
      - billing

      - warehouse

      - maybe even basic bookkeeping (at least amounts received and spent)


      Would you go through the pain and connect Filemaker Server (or just Filemaker 13) with one of the following: Magento, PrestaShop, DrupalCommerce (or similar)?

      If yes, which one would you deploy, and how would you connect it? (I hope I can get around XML and what have you and use a direct SQL link)


      -Or -


      Would you avoid connection FM and the Web Store and just build whatever is needed online as an extension of the web store? (This seems possible with Magento, for example)


      - Or -


      Would you use Filemaker only and power the web store with webdirect? (brrr, I get the chills .... have my doubts with this technology, .. its security, performance, compatibility, mobile users....)


      (PS: I have only found the following threats to fit this topic quite well, from Jul 2013 and earlier, mentioning cs-cart and PrestaShop)


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      What s your opinion? Thanks for sharing any experiences, hints or links.