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    Problem with XML date format


      I'm using the XML web engine in FM 12 server to allow another application to fetch data from FM.


      Things are working except that the dates come over as mm.dd.yyyy rather than dd.mm.yyyy as is custom here in Iceland as well as in the rest of Europe it seems.


      How do I fix this?

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          We have the same issue down under in Australia where we use DD/MM/YYYY format. When working with the Web Publishing Engine xml data it will always use the US MM/DD/YYYY format in my experience (at least when working with the PHP API) so you have to expect that and code around it.




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            Thank you for your input on this...


            It really sucks when a certain format is imposed upon people.

            It would have been nice if one could have set a preference for this.


            Although I realize it is easy to fix this on the receiving end I'm getting enough smirks from people that consider them selves "real" developers over using that "Filemaker stuff" to not appreciate this.   ;-)


            Does anyone know if this has been fixed in FM 13?

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              It would be preferable to use the date format YYYY-MM-DD as this is alphabetically sortable, avoids the whole your-date-is-better-than-mine (no impositions, no complaints). Then let us choose the DISPLAY (as we can now in FMP) Make other apps play nice too. But make date consistent when passing data around the world.


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