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    Web Services Engine broken - Mac OS X 10.8.5 - FileMaker 13v1 install


      I have a client with a Mac OS X Server 10.8.5 that has been running fine with previous versions of 11 and 12 and is matched with a CWP solution for PHP web pages where orders are placed.


      I run the install and everything is fine. I restart the server, and after the restart, the PHP can no longer make connections to web services. Additionally, I cannot connect to Web Direct anymore.


      FYI, this server is also running file sharing, DNS, VPN and Open Directory services.


      If I uninstall and reinstall, it works fine until I do a restart.


      What can be going on here. This is really frustrating to have to reinstall every time I need to restart the server.


      Anyone else seeing this problem and have possible suggestion? Thanks for any input.

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          I am suspicious of your comment that the server is also running DNS as well. What error are you getting when trying to load web direct? That could be an important clue to what is going on. It sounds like a system default is set somewhere that is overriding the setting from the FMS install. the FMS change should be permanent, but is somehow being overridden.


          DNS would be my first suspect in the above case. I know there's some people out there that push the "Server with FMS should only be used for FMS" approach, but realize that's not realistic in a lot of environments.


          *edit* - and to also comment, this is the first time I've heard of this error, and have not experienced it on the 3 FMS13 deployments I've done on mac so far (macbook pro 10.8.5 as a test environment, mac mini server running mavericks with open directory and file sharing, iMac non-server running mavericks).

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            It is interesting that you think DNS would be an issue because I have never noted DNS to cause problems unless you configure DNS wrong.  Granted lots of people don't know how to configure DNS, but this is a really simple DNS with just some A records pointing DNS to mail, web and FileMaker service machines (very few entries).  To test things though, I did try to connect with which would not be using DNS and Safari on the server would not bring up web direct.  And DNS is a very low impact service compared to things like mail, web or file sharing.  All it does is convert domains to IPs and back, etc.  I may try turning off DNS and reinstalling it this weekend, but I'm thinking this is something else. 


            Remember that FileMaker 13 on the Mac rewrites all kinds of Apache and PHP code on the install.  And it is not like in version 12 and before where it used the standard Apple OS X server web services.  FileMaker 13 recreates it all for itself and does not share with the OS web services.  Something is happening in the install that is not being saved to keep the CWP connections to web services.  This is about PHP and Web services run by FileMaker.  While I really like Web Direct, I sure wish FileMaker had done a better job under Mac OS X of letting it play well with standard OS web services.  Once FileMaker takes over, all other web pages are disabled and I had lots of clients that had simple static web pages running that all got killed by FM 13 server. 


            We may even decide to upgrade to Mavericks.  But we're about to replace this whole system with a Mac Pro.  Still it is frustrating that FileMaker and web services on the Mac OS are a bit flaky.  My experience is that Web Services are  more stable on a Windows server even though I much prefer a Mac server. 


            I'm going to place a trouble ticket in with FileMaker.  I'll let you know what I find out and thanks for your input, Mike!  It is always valued. 

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              It was more a ploy to see what error message you were getting in the browser for WD. I've been really scrubbing WD to try and get the most out of it, so I was just curious for trobuleshooting purposes.


              That's some good consideration on DNS, I was thinking more as a web developer troubleshooting from the client side (if I get a browser error, what can the error tell me about what is wrong with the connection and or server). I'll admit my OSX server knowledge is lacking having come from a primarily windows server background, but I still can't imagine why a change would be overridden like that on reboot. Most of those connections are hardcoded, and would require more file overwrites in order to break on reboot.

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                OK, well we gave up getting web services to talk to FileMaker after a restart on FileMaker 13 and called FileMaker Tech Support.  They would not talk with us unless we had a dedicated machine with no other services except Apache (or IIS for Windows).  I understand not having other major services like File Sharing, but they do not even want us to have Open Directory or DNS running, which are very low impact services.  We do not have a setup like that for now and will have to look at spinning off services and/or getting a new machine. 


                This is a bit frustrating since FileMaker played well with other services in previous versions and FileMaker 13 does not seem as stable in my opinion or have the ability to work well with other standard services.  I would understand if it was just a matter of it running slower as a reason for getting a dedicated machine, but to insist on a dedicated machine for even small clients is rather burdensom (e.g., some of my clients may only have 5 users in an office).  And this might be pushing solutions that are on dedicated solutions in the cloud instead of on local servers. 


                We are probably going to try an upgrade to Mavericks to see if that helps and we have all along been looking at getting a Mac Pro to take over these combined services.  But we may have to get separate machines, one for FileMaker and one where standard services play well with each other. 


                Bit frustrating, but we'll make progress on this one way or another. 

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                  We upgraded to Mavricks and are having the same issues as you are Taylor.  This is driving me crazy.  We are running just Mavericks and not Mavericks server as that causes even more issues. Like you when we reboot the Mavericks machine we loose all web services and have to reinstall FileMaker Server 13 each time for them to work again.


                  I realy wish there was an answer for this.