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    Go connections hosting with FMP13 peer to peer


      So not sure how this shakes out. I bought FMS13 and connections for Go. We have 5 FMPro users in the office. I was told that the connection limit is 5 for FMP13. I also took a look at this link.


      "Sharing a solution using FileMaker Pro 13 or FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced as a host do not require concurrent connections for FileMaker Go 13 clients to connect."

      the concurrent connections seem to only apply to FMS13. I will give this a test tomorrow.


      Maybe the limit is 5 connections from any type of client with FMP. I will figure it out tomorrow for sure.

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          Since you've already invested in FMS, I would ignore peer-to-peer sharing completely. There are numerous disadvantages to it (no backups, require dedicated opening of file, slows down a computer, etc...), and FMS is much better for hosting a file to multiple users.


          Remember the concurrent connections are based on connected users, NOT the number of seats, so as long as you set a reasonable timeout in your security settings, there's no reason you couldn't expect to use a 5 pack for more connections. That's explained on the graphic on the page you linked to.